Ralph Crocker

Ralph Herbert Crocker


Ralph Crocker

As you drive through the city did you ever wonder how the streets got their names?

Ralph Herbert Crocker, Veteran florist and nurseryman of St. Thomas and member of the one of the oldest St. Thomas Families.

Ralph Herbert Crocker was in the florist business in St. Thomas for more than 45 years and was widely known not only in the city but throughout the province.

Ralph Crocker had a greenhouse on what is now the site if Metcalfe Gardens. Crocker Ave heads north from Wellington St to the site of Metcalfe Gardens.

Ralph Herbert was the third generation in St. Thomas. His parents the late George K and Mary Crocker were highly esteemed residents of the City.

Ralph was blessed in life with a loving wife Ethel Maud, three daughters Isabel, Gertrude and Betty and three sons George Kirby, Daniel and Fred. At the time of his death he was survived by 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

The Crocker Family resided at 31 Wellington St at the time of Ralph’s passing. Ralph will be remembered for the elaborate casket sprays that adorned the caskets of many prominent people.