This website contains the By-laws of the St. Thomas Cemetery Company (hereinafter referred to as “Cemetery”).

They have been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services, Consumer Protection Branch, Cemeteries Regulation Unit.

All of the Cemetery By-laws apply to every form of interment right as far as the nature of the case permits.

By-law compliance ensures the safety of our families and employees, and the maintenance of proper cemetery operations.

By-Law Highlights

- for all cemeteries -

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Flowerbeds may be planted 10" in front of the monument only

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All gardens that are not maintained will be removed

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No glass, ceramics, metal or sharp objects to be left in the Cemetery

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Dogs must be on a leash and please clean up after them

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Ensure the Legal Authority has been transferred by Will at time of Interment Rights Holder death

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Memorial Wreath / Adornments must be removed each year by Nov 1st and can be replaced April 15th. Winter wreaths can be placed between November 1 and March 31