By Laws – Soldier’s Field (Memorial Plot at South Park)

9.0 Soldier’s Field (Memorial Plot at South Park)

9.1 Burial of Interment Rights: Application for interment in Soldier’s Field of the Memorial Plot may be made by anyone who is or would qualify to become and Ordinary Member of the Royal Canadian Legion. Burial is limited to the Veteran and his/her spouse only.

9.2 Planting Restrictions: No trees, shrubs or any kind of a bush may be planted around the cross or the spousal flat marker. During the growing season (May to October) artificial flowers or artificial potted plants are NOT allowed. No wreaths will be allowed between April 1St or Easter Sunday (which ever comes first) and November 15th. Fresh flowers will be allowed during growing season, using the Memorial Plot containers, which are stored at the front by the Memorial Plot sign.
The throwing of rubbish on any part of the grounds is prohibited. Please use receptacles provided.

9.3 Monument/Marker: The veteran Memorial is to be either a DVA upright or a white marble cross depending on the Row of Interment Rights. The spousal is a flat gray granite marker at the foot of the grave is the only style permitted. The marker is to be of: Stanstead light gray granite, steeled finish face; side and bottom rack face pitched. See attached for dimensions

9.4 Foundations: All foundations for the grave markers will be put in by the St. Thomas Cemetery Company.

9.5 Borders, Fences & Walls: No plot or grave will be defined by a fence, railing, coping, trees, shrubs, embankments, depression, lawn edging or other marks.

9.6 Outer Containers: Use of burial vaults is optional, except with double depth burials.

9.7 Responsibility: Any item not covered in the Soldier’s Field Section will adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the St. Thomas Cemetery Company.