By Laws – Mausoleum Crypts


7.1 The St. Thomas Mausoleum is located at the St. Thomas Cemetery at 67 West Avenue, St. Thomas, Ontario. It is governed by a Board of Directors, and was established in 1919.

7.2 Entombments will not be permitted unless an order is received from the owner of the crypt (or a funeral home acting on their behalf), or a proper representative in the event the owner is deceased.

7.3 A proper certificate of death or cremation (Burial Permit) must accompany all bodies before entombment will take place.

7.4 Crypts will be opened only be employees of the St. Thomas Cemetery Company and sealed by them after the entombment is complete.

7.5 Procedure for entombment will be the same as procedure for interments with the St. Thomas Cemetery Company, as the necessary preparations and paperwork will be completed by the Cemetery (e.g. number of hours required, necessary paperwork)

7.6 Owing to the limited space in front of each marble crypt, and to prevent staining or defacing of the marble, flowers, wreaths or designs made from natural flowers will be permitted to remain in the corridors only so long as they retain their freshness. Wreaths or designs made upon wire frames will not be permitted unless the wire has a suitable wax or plastic covering.

7.7 Persons wishing to retain natural flowers should arrange for their removal immediately after the funeral services.

7.8 Any vases, etc., left in the Mausoleum will be at the owner’s risk, and may be removed by the officers in charge. The use of the Chapel for funeral services will be limited to one hour. The Cemetery Office is to be notified of the time when services will be desired and should be given at least twenty-four hours advance notice

7.9 An inscription is permitted on the marble face plate of each crypt, giving the name, place and date of birth, place and date of death, emblems, and titles if desired. All inscriptions must be in black lettering.