By Laws – Contractor


10.1 Contractor Pre-approval Required Before Working: Any contract work to be performed within the Cemetery requires the written pre-approval of the Interment Rights Holder and the Cemetery before the work may begin. Pre-approval includes but is not limited to: landscaping, delivery of Monuments and Markers, inscriptions, designs, drawings, plans and detailed specifications relating to the work, proof of all applicable government approvals and permits, the location of the work to be performed. It is the responsibility of all Contractors to report to the Cemetery office and provide the necessary approvals before traveling to the Lot or Grave to perform the work.

10.2 Permission to Perform Contract Work: Contractors employed to erect a memorial, structure, complete landscaping, or to do any other work in the Cemetery shall report to the Cemetery office and provide to the Cemetery the written consent of the Interment Rights Holder(s) prior to commencing their work. Such consent shall designate the location of the Burial rights and the work to be performed. The Cemetery will provide the contractor with a temporary permit to complete the work which shall be prominently displayed in the front window of the contractor’s vehicle. Contractors who begin work within the Cemetery without first obtaining all proper authorizations contained herein will be asked to leave the property.

10.3 Compliance with Legislation: Any person, firm, or corporation (“Contractors”) performing any work in the Cemetery must comply with all applicable legislation including without limitation; Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection, and maintain general liability insurance of not less than $3,000,000 (“Coverage”). Such Contractor shall provide written proof of such Coverage at the request of the Cemetery within 72 hours of a written request and prior to commencing any work within the Cemetery. Should a Contractor not be able to provide written proof of Coverage within the prescribed time limit, said Contractor shall be prohibited from completing any work within the Cemetery until written proof of Coverage has been provided to the Cemetery.

10.4 Cemetery By-laws Apply: All Cemetery By-laws apply to all Contractors and all work carried out by Contractors within the Cemetery grounds.

10.5 Contractor’s Liability: Contractors will conduct their operations to prevent damage to any grounds, turf, shrubs, trees, flowerbeds, Monuments, Markers, vases, or any other article or natural feature in the Cemetery. Contractors shall lay planks on the Lots, Graves, and paths over which heavy materials are to be moved, in order to prevent damage. Any damage caused by Contractors shall be rectified by the Cemetery at the expense of the Contractors.

10.6 Contractor Hours of Work: Contractors will be permitted to complete their work during the following hours; 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Contractors are not permitted to work within the Cemetery during evenings, Sundays or statutory holidays. Contractors shall temporarily cease all operations if they are working within 15 metres of a funeral until the conclusion of the service. The Cemetery reserves the right to temporarily cease Contractor operations at their sole discretion if the noise of the work being performed by the Contractor is deemed to be a disturbance to any funeral or public gathering within the Cemetery.

10.7 Contractor Attire and Conduct: Contractors performing work within the Cemetery are responsible for their actions, conduct, behaviour, and attire. Shirts with sleeves, long pants and CSA approved safety boots must be worn at all times. Contractors who fail to comply with the required attire will be asked to leave the Cemetery grounds. Contractors must also adhere to and comply with the Cemetery’s Code of Conduct.

10.8 Removal of Implements and Rubbish: Contractors working within the Cemetery must remove all implements, equipment and rubbish from the Cemetery at the conclusion of the work or at the end of each workday. All work sites must be secured when left unattended.