By Laws – Columbarium Niches


8.1 Payment: Payment must be made to the Cemetery before an Entombment may take place.

8.2 Sealing after Entombment: Only the Cemetery may open and seal Niches for Entombments. This applies to the inside sealer and the Niche front.

8.3 Niche Inscriptions and Adornments on Memorials Owned by the Cemetery: To ensure quality control, desired uniformity and standard of workmanship, the Cemetery reserves the right to inscribe all niche fronts or where permitted install all bronze lettering, bronze plaques, bronze vases, bronze adornments, bronze emblems, and ceramic or photoplex pictures within bronze frames on niche fronts. Approved samples are on display at the Cemetery. Any unauthorized
adornment or emblem will be removed and disposed of without notification and at the expense of the Interment Rights Holder(s). No persons other than employees of the company shall remove or alter niche fronts.

8.4 Floral Tokens from Funeral Services: Floral tokens from services may be placed in a designated area and will be removed and disposed of the same day.

8.5 Floral Tokens in Outdoor Niches: Artificial and fresh cut flowers in vases attached to Niches are permitted any time provided that they do not encroach on adjacent Niches. Artificial and fresh cut flowers that have become unsightly will be removed and disposed without notification.

8.6 Articles not Permitted: Pedestals, urns, candles, vesper lights, articles of a heavy or cumbrous character, musical greeting cards, and any articles placed on the floor or ground are deemed to be prohibited articles, and shall not be allowed on or in the general vicinity of the Niche. Prohibited articles will be removed and disposed without notification.