By Laws – Care and Planting of Burial Rights


5.1 General Care of Burial Rights:
Income from the Care and Maintenance portion of the Interment Right purchase is trusted in a fund and used to maintain, secure and preserve the Cemetery grounds. An example of routine maintenance services covered by the Care and Maintenance Fund include:
• Re-levelling and sodding or seeding of Lot or Graves
• Maintenance of cemetery roads, sewers and water systems
• Maintenance of perimeter walls and fences
• Maintenance of cemetery landscaping
• Maintenance of mausolea and columbaria
• Repairs and upkeep of cemetery maintenance buildings and equipment
To the extent that income from the Memorial Care and Maintenance Fund permits, the Cemetery will stabilize, and secure Markers and Monuments within the Cemetery.
The planting or trimming of trees and shrubs on individual Lot or Graves, preparation of flower beds, cleaning of memorials, and other special services are deemed to be additional to services outside of those services covered by the Care and Maintenance Fund, for which a reasonable charge is made. Complete information and estimates may be obtained from the Cemetery office.

5.2 Planting and Care of Burial Rights: Pruning of dwarf trees and shrubs and maintenance of flowerbeds for Graves and Lots is not looked after under the general care and maintenance of the Cemetery. Flowerbed maintenance, pruning, fertilizing, watering, etc., are the sole responsibility of the Interment Rights Holder(s). Should plant material become unsightly, neglected, overgrow the Monument, or infringe on an adjacent Lot or Grave, the plant material will be removed by the Cemetery at the expense of the Rights Holder(s), who will be notified in writing of such removal.
All cemeteries provide additional maintenance programs to assist Interment Rights Holder(s) with the maintenance of plant material on their Lot or Graves. Please contact the Cemetery office if you wish to obtain additional information or assistance. Interment Rights Holder(s) understand that plant material may have to be removed to facilitate a Burial within a Lot or Grave. The Cemetery will make reasonable efforts to preserve and re-install the plant material, but does not assume any responsibility or liability in this regard.
Interment Rights Holders wishing to have independent contractors provide service on their
Lot or Grave must provide written authorization for the work to be performed. The contractor must provide written authorization to the Cemetery office before commencing the work and abide by all Cemetery By-laws and more specifically the Contractor By-laws outlined in Section 10.

5.3 Planting Restrictions On Lots: Unless otherwise specified on the Interment Rights Certificate, dwarf trees, shrubs and flowerbeds may be planted in the designated Monument Space. Plant material should be chosen carefully to ensure that it will not overgrow the perimeter boundaries of the Monument Space. The Cemetery reserves the right to dedicate areas as no planting areas within the Cemetery.

5.4 Planting Restrictions On Graves:
Dwarf Trees and Shrubs: Unless otherwise specified on the Interment Rights Certificate, one dwarf tree or shrub is permitted to be planted in the centre of the Grave.

5.5 Size of Flowerbeds on Graves: Flowerbeds no larger than 60.96 cm (24 in) and 121.92 cm (48 in) in length may be placed on a Grave. The flowerbed will be centered on the width of the Grave and immediately adjacent to the Marker Space.

5.6 Size of Flowerbeds on Infant, Child or Cremation Lots or Graves: Flowerbeds on children’s, infant’s, and cremation Lot or Graves must be planted in a bed appropriate to the size of the Lot or Grave.

5.7 Designated No Planting Area: The Cemetery reserves the right to dedicate areas as no planting areas within the Cemetery.

5.8 Grading of Lots and Cutting Sod: Only the Cemetery or contractors authorized by the Cemetery may cut or remove sod or soil or change the grading of a Lot or Grave or any surrounding area.