By Laws


This website contains the By-laws of the St. Thomas Cemetery Company (hereinafter referred to as “Cemetery”).

They have been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services, Consumer Protection Branch, Cemeteries Regulation Unit.

All of the Cemetery By-laws apply to every form of interment right as far as the nature of the case permits.

By-law compliance ensures the safety of our families and employees, and the maintenance of proper cemetery operations.

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Glossary of Terms

1.0 General Information

1.1 Hours of Operation
1.2 Private Property
1.3 Liability
1.4 Public Access to Information
1.5 Changes in By-laws
1.6 Right to Re-survey

2.0 Sale and Transfer of Interment Rights

2.1 Ownership of Interment Rights
2.2 Re-sale of Interment Rights
2.3 Transfer of Interment Rights
2.4 Care and Maintenance Fund
2.5 Arrears
2.6 Pre Care and Maintenance (prior to 1955)
2.7 Future Purchases

3.0 Burials

3.1 Authorization, Information and Documents Required for a Burial
3.2 Notice Required
3.3 Opening and Closing of Interment Rights
3.4 Number of Burials
3.5 Closed Caskets or Containers
3.6 Outer Containers
3.7 Scattering Cremated Remains
3.8 Requirements for Removal of Caskets, Containers or Cremated Remains
3.9 Contagious Diseases
3.10 Pets or Other Animals

4.0 Memorialization

A. General
4.1 Unstable Memorials
4.2 Removal of Memorials
4.3 Moving Corner Posts or Number Markers
4.4 Requirements to Place an Inscription on a Memorial
4.5 Inscription rights on Memorials Owned by the Cemetery
4.6 Installation of Memorials

B. Monument
4.7 Approval of Monument Design
4.8 Material and Finish of Monuments
4.9 Only One Monument to a Lot
4.10 Monument Location
4.11 Monument Foundations
4.12 Delivery of Monuments to the Cemetery
4.13 Size of Monument
4.14 Monument Bases
4.15 Monument Diestones
4.16 Inscriptions of the Back of Monument Diestones
4.17 Monument Dowelling
4.18 Inserts and Emblems
4.19 Pictures, Etchings and Photographs on Monuments
4.20 Vertical Joints
4.21 Candle Holders and Vases

C. Marker
4.22 Marker Materials
4.23 Types of Markers
4.24 Setting of Markers
4.25 Delivery of Markers to the Cemetery
4.26 Size of Markers
4.27 Photographs on Markers or Vases
4.28 Granite Markers
4. 29 Concrete Skirting

D. Private Mausolea
4.31 Private Mausolea

5.0 Care and Planting of Burial Rights

5.1 General Care of Burial Rights
5.2 Planting and Care of Burial Rights
5.3 Planting Restrictions on Lots
5.4 Planting Restrictions on Graves
5.5 Size of Flowerbeds on Graves
5.6 Size of Flowerbeds on Infant, Child or Cremation Lots or Graves
5.7 Designated No Planting Area
5.8 Grading of Lots and Cutting Sod

6.0 Articles Placed on Interment Rights

6.1 General
6.2 Temporary Wooden Crosses
6.3 Candles, Incense or Flammable Articles
6.4 Borders, Fences and Walls
6.5 Fresh Cut or Artificial Flowers
6.6 Hanging Baskets
6.7 Memorial Wreaths
6.8 Responsibility for Articles

7.0 Mausoleum Crypts

7.1 Payment
7.2 Sealing after Entombment
7.3 Witnessing and Entombment 16
7.4 Crypt Inscriptions and Adornments on Memorials Owned by the Cemetery
7.5 Floral Tokens from Funeral Services
7.6 Floral Tokens in Outdoor Mausoleum
7.7 Floral Tokens in Indoor Mausoleum
7.8 Articles not Permitted
7.9 Ceramic or Photoplex Pictures
7.10 Security

8.0 Columbarium Niches

8.1 Payment
8.2 Sealing after Entombment
8.3 Niche Inscriptions and Adornments on Memorials Owned by the Cemetery
8.4 Floral Tokens from Funeral Services
8.5 Floral Tokens in Outdoor Niches
8.6 Articles not Permitted

9.0 Soldier’s Field (Memorial Plot at South Park)

9.1 Burial of Interment Rights
9.2 Planting Restrictions
9.3 Monument and Marker
9.4 Foundations
9.5 Borders, Fences & Walls
9.6 Outer Containers
9.7 Responsibility
10.0 Contractor

10.1 Contractor Pre-approval Required Before Working
10.2 Permission to Perform Contract Work
10.3 Compliance with Legislation
10.4 Cemetery By-laws Apply
10.5 Contractor’s Liability
10.6 Contractor Hours of Work
10.7 Contractor Attire and Conduct
10.8 Removal of Implements and Rubbish